The Best States to Live In for Seniors and Retirees

Moving for your retirement years is a pretty big decision. Not only do you have to decide whether or not to leave your home state, you also have to choose which new state is right for you. There are a ton of factors that go into this decision: proximity to family, cost of living, taxes, weather, and so much more.

To help narrow down your search, we put together a list of a few of the best states to live in for seniors and retirees. Do any of these states rank on your list of favorites?

Top States For Seniors To Consider Relocating To


Showcasing lighthouse on Florida Coast
Gasparilla lighthouse on Florida Gulf Coast

It should come as no surprise that Florida made it on our list of best states for retirees! With affordable housing, accessible hobbies year-round, and warm winters, seniors and retirees can’t go wrong.

According to the stats, Florida is a go-to state for seniors in retirement. Over 20% of the state’s population is over age 65. This means an abundance of retirement communities and plenty of programs just for seniors and retirees. 

Plus, with no income tax in the state, cost of living is fairly low, giving you more opportunity to pursue hobbies and other goals in your golden years. While many of the most popular areas of Florida are booming with tourism crowds, there are plenty of options for a quiet retirement filled with beautiful views of the oceans and Florida’s green landscape.

New Hampshire

senior couple walking in New Hampshire park

New Hampshire is the perfect state for seniors who want it all! The state offers all four seasons and a variety of landscapes, including beaches, lakes, mountains, cities, and countrysides.

Seniors living in New Hampshire can enjoy the safety and peace-of-mind of the rural areas and excellent support services. Plus, there are readily available activities and social groups.

What makes it at the top of the list for best states for seniors to live? There is no income tax on your retirement income! Additionally, housing is affordable for most, but you may have to watch out for the real estate transfer tax.

South Dakota

RV on scenic road in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.
RV on scenic road in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

South Dakota may sound like an odd choice for retirees, but the truth is that it is one of the most affordable states for seniors to live in! In addition to low living expenses, including for healthcare, South Dakota is one the best states for seniors' taxes.

Plus, the state offers a ton of options for retirees to stay socially active. South Dakota and its beautiful countryside have a lot to offer the senior that’s ready to explore. If you choose to relocate to South Dakota, Black Hills National Forest, Badlands National Park, and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial are all right in your backyard!


mountain range at sunset in Colorado

The best option on our list for the outdoorsy-senior, Colorado offers a stunning backdrop for your retirement. While the percentage of retirees in this state is a bit lower, you will never get bored in a state with as much to explore as Colorado.

In addition to loads of hiking, skiing, biking, and swimming opportunities, Colorado also offers a rich culture of museums, restaurants, and events venues. Furthermore, Colorado residents experience a high quality of life and access to healthcare options.

Colorado has been booming in recent years, and it's becoming an ever increasingly popular retirement destination, whether you're looking for a small town feel or large city living.


Sipapu Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument. Utah, USA
Sipapu Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument. Utah, USA

Another great option for our active seniors, Utah has a plethora of national parks and other wonders to explore in typically great weather. 

Plus, the state has great healthcare options, low crime rate, affordable living costs, and low taxes.

All of these perks lead to a high quality of life and a life expectancy rate that is higher than the national average. Fresh air really makes a difference!


calm lake in Georgia

With a warm climate the majority of the year, Georgia is an all-around great place to call home.

Retirees get to take advantage of other perks like a low cost of living, affordable healthcare expenses, and a favorable tax situation. Plus, Georgia offers a beautiful green landscape and the best of both worlds with thriving cities and lush countryside.

Wherever you end up in your retirement, Plan Advisors is here to help. Did you know that most Medicare plans can't move with you?! If you're considering relocating to a different state, make sure you talk to a local Medicare Advisor!

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